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Now, you and your friends can create your own Selfy Cards using pictures you take. For only $25USD*, you will be mailed 72 professionally printed cards with your personal contact information and a picture on the front. Also, you get up to 3 lines of text messaging on the back, which lets you tell the whole story of Who, Where & When. (The Why… well, you may want that to stay between you and your friends!) If this is your first visit, we strongly recommend you take a few minutes to also read over the Home and Tips pages – it will be very helpful to you.   * $2 from every order goes to charity. 

Lighter photos print better! There’s a reason professional photographers have lots of lighting equipment when taking pictures that will be printed. A photo like the one on the left may appear OK on a back-lit screen, but it will not print well… it will come out too dark and over-saturated. The one on the right is exactly the same .jpg image that was lightened using the lighten or brightness edit tool that’s available on digital devices such as smart phones, tablets and computers. For more information on cropping, .jpg file sizes, etc., click TIPS in the menu. If you’re ready to order your Selfy Cards, click on the Create page in the main menu and choose the link at the bottom of the page to go to the Generic Template (no logo).