CardKIT.org provides H.O.P.E. to all kinds of organizations.  (Helping Other People Everywhere)

Our objective is to provide help to individuals and groups of people within organizations, based on the simple premise that ALL organizations have the same basic goals: more people & more money. CardKITs can help them accomplish these goals.

More members, volunteers, customers, donors = more dues, efforts, sales, donations.

In the case of businesses, like an RV Dealer, Travel Agent or Realtor, we get them to give cards as a Thank You gift to their customers (instead of a logo’d pen, ball cap or annual calendar). Some of the folks with whom I’ve spoken directly would encourage their sales staff to actually take a photo (passing the keys in front of the new home or RV, etc.) and then get online and order the cards right then-and-there. For $25, they can look forward to having up to 72 cards given out, with their logo on them, and the conversations and endorsements that will naturally follow in many cases. They will realize much better value than if they’d spend the same or more on a coffee card or restaurant gift certificate.

In the case of charities, clubs, associations, etc., they use their internal communications (newsletters, magazines, email blasts) to encourage their own lists of members, donors, volunteers, participants to purchase these unique and useful cards. By including their organization’s logo along with the customer’s photo and contact information, these cards enhance the individual’s membership experience by allowing them to help raise the profile of their organization and make a $2 donation to their organization’s cause.


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