Our Privacy Policy: CardKIT.org does not share customer information with third party companies, entities or individuals. PERIOD! We do not see your financial information during the card building process or during the ordering process. We do not see or store credit card information. All transmissions of payment details are protected by encryption and remain strictly confidential via our secure checkout provider.

Does CardKIT.org have a policy for returns? We strive to produce the highest possible quality, and to deliver 72 cards (or more) to ensure you are never short-shipped. If your cards arrive and there’s an issue, please email a note, digital photo if required, along with your order number, to helpdesk@cardkit.org and we will investigate and get back to you ASAP.

What’s different about CardKIT.org vs. other online business card printers? Unlike traditional business cards, which specifically promote one person/business, we create CardKITs for individuals to keep in touch, and organizations to promote growth in their groups, as well as deliver an enhanced participation experience for members, customers, donors, volunteers, etc.

How could my organization take advantage of this? A club or foundation merely has to communicate to their members, participants, donors, etc. that cards are available at CardKIT.org/organization-name and that they would be helping the organization, as well as themselves, by ordering them. It is important to point out that we never ask for any organization’s member, customer or donor lists.

What is your charitable contribution program about? When members of an organization purchase CardKITs, the group’s logo appears automatically on the card. As an incentive to promote the use of these cards, CardKIT.org  will set aside $2 from every order using their logo to be sent back to the organization (quarterly, annually…) for their charity or other cause of choice.

Do I need to set up an account to order a card kit? No, there’s no formal account setting up required. You can order a CardKIT right now… using the generic card template without an organization’s logo. Everything needed (ship-to address, email address) is asked for at our secure checkout. We will email you a transaction confirmation record.

Can I cancel or change my order once it’s been submitted? The short answer is no, because once you’ve double-checked it for “speling & akurasy”, clicked on ‘NEXT’ and payment has been submitted, the order is already being processed. The longer answer is we can try… send an email message to helpdesk@cardkit.org with a brief explanation and your order number. We’ll look into it and respond to your email.

What card stock is used for card kits? American-made Carolina Cover, 10 pt., coated one side – the image side is coated to ensure color photos and logos are of the highest quality possible. The back side, blank except for a small CardKIT.org near the bottom, allows you the option to add up to 3 lines of black text, still leaving plenty of space on the matte finished stock for a note to be written, with any kind of pen or pencil – (like happy hour, 4pm, our place).

How are card kits delivered? The purchase price includes any applicable taxes and delivery to anywhere in the USA or Canada via the US Postal Service or Canada Post.

Logo Placement Organizations have a choice of two predefined card templates that places the logo either Upper Left or Lower Left. To inquire about your organization participating, visit https://www.cardkit.org/help

What kinds of organizations could benefit from the use of CardKITs? Some examples include:

Auto industry/dealers
Boating associations
Boating industry/dealers
Car clubs
Church / religious groups
Cruise lines
Cycle clubs
Hobby clubs
Home Renovators
Hospital foundations
Motorcycle associations
Motorcycle industry/dealers
Pet owners/clubs
Political groups
Professional Associations
Real Estate Agents
Research foundations
RV associations
RV manufacturers/dealers
Seniors organizations
Service clubs
Singles/dating clubs
Special interest groups
Sports organizations
Tour companies
Trade Unions and Associations
Travel agents
Travel clubs
University & college alumni
Veterans organizations
…and so many more