lighter-and-brighterLighter photos print better! There’s a reason professional photographers have lots of lighting equipment when taking pictures that will be printed. A photo like the one on the left may appear OK on a back-lit screen, but it will not print well… it will come out too dark and over-saturated. The one on the right is exactly the same .jpg image that was lightened using the lighten or brightness edit tool that’s available on digital devices such as smart phones, tablets and computers.

We offer 3 card layouts:

Style G – a layout with no logo – it’s also the template we use for selfie cards, available to the public by simply clicking the link below. For organizations, there is Style 1 and Style 2 available, with a logo appearing in upper left or lower left position… see further down this page for examples.OK, you’re all set now to create your own personal CardKIT (with no logo). Clicking on the link below will give you access to this CardKIT template at fill in the blanks and upload your photo, then click “Preview” or “Generate PDF” to get an online proof. PROOF-READ IT CAREFULLY! (Please don’t stop for lunch while doing this – an inactive keyboard will be timed-out AFTER 20 MINUTES and you’ll have to start over.) Then click NEXT to add your mailing information and checkout at our secure checkout, hosted by PayPal, with 4 major credit cards available to use. payment-option-2If you need accents for Spanish, French or other languages, click on Tips in the menu, where you’ll also find help for sizing and cropping of pictures.

Click here to create your personal card style g cardkit (no logo) 

That’s it… in 2-3 weeks, your CardKIT will arrive in the mail. (If it doesn’t arrive, go to and click on Help and send us a note with your order number – we’ll investigate and get back to you. When you’ve received your CardKIT, you’ll be able to appreciate the quality and usefulness of them. Then, we hope you’ll want to click on Help to ask us for a page with the logo of your club, business, organization, charity, etc.

When you want us to do so, let us know if you prefer your group’s logo lower or upper left, and we’ll create your own custom template page. Your organization’s page will be a specific website address such as There is no cost to you for us to create a custom page. If you’re unsure whether or not your organization already has one set up, click on help in the menu to ask us.

Style 1 – logo lower left, people photo right, available via a custom website address (click Help in the menu at the bottom of this page to request one)Style 2 – logo upper left, people photo right, available via a custom website address (click on help to request one)If you already have the custom website address for your organization’s page, (for example:, type it in a new browser window to access your organization’s logo’d template. (While you’re doing that, you can also keep open for reference, should you need it).selfie cards selfiecards selfies printed business cards selfies on cards selfie cards selfiecards selfies printed business cards selfies on cards