CardKITs can help an organization grow! There is no cost to have us create a template with a business or group’s logo – simply click on help in the menu and email us with a request.

When the template layout is approved, we’ll add a private page on our secure website and maintain it going forward.

The organization can then begin to encourage its people (via email, newsletter, blog, etc.)* to purchase CardKITs with the group’s logo, in order to:

  • help raise awareness of ‘their’ organization 
  • more easily meet & keep in touch with others they meet
  • support a charity or worthy cause with every CardKIT ordered

* does not ask for, see, retain, use or contact any organization’s list of members, donors, customers, etc.

CardKITs for BUSINESS: For about what a single lunch out could cost, a business can now say “Thank You” by giving their customers a logo’d CardKIT. They can then look forward to having up to 72 cards given out, with their color logo on the front (under Customer of or Client of ) and a 3 line message on the back.

These will be seen by many people, most often with the same interests, in the same age group and in the same community. A conversation about why the logo is on the card will prompt referrals. As an appreciation gift, a CardKIT will deliver higher marketing value than, for example, a gift card, which would be unlikely to generate any referrals.

Let us know if you prefer your group’s logo lower or upper left, and we’ll create your own custom template page. Your organization’s page will be a specific address, such as 

All organizations are encouraged to create a link from their website to their new private page at

More members, volunteers, donors  =  more dues, efforts, donations.

Style 1 – logo lower left, people photo rightStyle 2 – logo upper left, people photo right

Supporting worthy causes in the USA & Canada

If an organization has a designated charity, foundation or worthy cause of their own, we will set aside $2 from every order requesting that group’s logo and return the total (quarterly, annually…) to an authorized person in the organization.