CardKITs are H.O.P.E. - Helping Other People Everywhere

“Here’s my Card, let’s Keep In Touch”

A CardKIT is 72 personal cards and a card holder for $25 USD, including:

  • a full color photo of an individual, couple or family, with their personal contact information,
  • an option to display an organization’s logo and up to 3 lines of messaging on the back,
  • all taxes & mailing costs to anywhere in the USA and Canada,
  • a $2 contribution to charity from every order submitted.

We meet people and we want to keep in touch. CardKITs have a color picture and a personal message on the back that makes it easier for our new friends to remember us.                                                Your professionally printed cards are much more likely to be kept than a scrap of paper…


The front of each card has a coated, glossy finish for bright color photos, while the back is a matte finish suitable for pencil or pen. 

So, go ahead… click on Create in the menu. That will take you to a template that’s a easy as 1-2-3.

  1. Upload your photo.
  2. Type in your contact information and a 3-line “text message” on the back.
  3. Proof-read it carefully and order a CardKIT of your own.

Easy-to-use templates like ours are being used by over 25,000 companies in North America. The $25 USD is paid via an SSL secure checkout*  managed by PayPal. Price includes tax and shipping. In 2-3 weeks, your CardKIT will arrive in the mail.

These cards provide great value, too. For example, if a person uses 2 or 3 cards a month, one CardKIT would last several years. For re-order purposes, your order template remains accessible for 2 years before it’s purged from our system.

* does NOT see or retain ANY financial information – that’s strictly between your bank (or credit card company) and ours via PayPal’s secure gateway.


supporting worthy causes in the usa & canada

If an organization has a designated charity, foundation or worthy cause of their own, we will set aside $2 from every order requesting that group’s logo and return the total (quarterly, annually…) to an authorized person in the organization. For all CardKITs sold without a group’s charity or cause identified, we will share $2 from every order between StandUp2Cancer and The Salvation Army in the USA and Canada.

CardKITs can help your organization grow! There is no cost to have us create a custom template with a group’s logo – simply click on help in the menu and ask us to do it. Your organization then encourages its people (via email, newsletter, blog, etc.)* to purchase CardKITs with the group’s logo, in order to:

  • help raise awareness of the organization
  • more easily meet & keep in touch with others they meet
  • support a worthy charity or cause with every CardKIT ordered

* does not ask for, see, retain, use or contact any organization’s list of members, donors, customers, etc.

2 key challenges for organizations

  1. Get more people involved.
  2. Have more money coming in. can help organizations grow –

CardKITs can help associations, societies, clubs and charities accomplish their growth goals.

More members, volunteers, donors  =  more dues, efforts, donations.

CardKITs for BUSINESS: For about what a lunch out would cost, a business can now say “Thank You” by giving their customers a CardKIT. They can then look forward to having up to 72 cards given out, with their color logo on the front (under Customer of or Client of ) and a 3 line message on the back. These will be seen by many people, most often with the same interests, in the same age group and in the same community. A conversation about why the logo is there will prompt referrals. As an appreciation gift, a CardKIT will deliver higher marketing value than, for example, a gift card… which would be unlikely to generate any referrals.(For more information on the power of referrals, and the kinds of businesses and organizations that could benefit by using the CardKIT System, click on FAQs in the menu.)

Click on Tips in the menu for helpful information on accents for Spanish, French or other languages, re-sizing & cropping pictures, and more.