CardKITs are H.O.P.E. - Helping Other People Everywhere

As you travel along life’s highway, here’s a great idea to help you keep in touch with people you meet…

72 personal cards and a card holder for just $25 USD.

These cards have your contact information and your color picture on the front, along with a text message on the back, making it easier for your new friends to keep in touch. Your professionally printed cards are much more likely to be kept than a scrap of paper.The front of each card has a glossy finish for bright color photos, while the back is a matte finish suitable for pencil or pen.    

Why .org?

As well as including all taxes & mailing costs to anywhere in the USA and Canada, the $25USD includes a $2 contribution to our charities from every CardKIT ordered.

If you’re part of an organization, club, charity, business, etc., be sure to read our About page for information on how we can help it grow with a no-cost logo’d CardKIT template of its own… and we’ll send the $2 to that organization to support its charity or worth cause.

Click here to order

takes you to where you will upload your photo, type in your contact information and add a 3-line “text message” on the back. In 2-3 weeks, your professionally-printed CardKIT will arrive in the mail.